It all started with grandma…When I was almost 2, I went to live with my Italian grandmother. She was always in the kitchen making the best food ever and I was right there by her side, propped over the counter, standing on a chair I had pushed up next to her to get a good look. Her traditional methods of making everything from scratch and having a robust home garden became the foundation of my cooking style. Most of what she prepared was from her garden and the only canned food items she had were the ones she canned herself. I got to practice what I observed her do by cooking for my brother and I as children.  By the time I was 7, I figured out that I got to eat dessert every time I baked something so naturally, I began refining that craft every chance I got and thought of myself as a good baker. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized I also possessed above-average cooking skills. As life would have it, I spent 18 years in public food service learning the ins and outs of all walks of food establishments from mom and pap cafés to the finest 5 star restaurants.  It all made sense later on when I started to realize I was born to be a chef.


In 2010, I had a complete life transformation and moved into the world of healing foods.  I engaged in all manner of food therapy seminars and did coursework with Functional Medicine doctors and alternative health professionals.  I soaked up all they had to teach like a sponge.  I changed my own diet completely and felt like a brand new person!  I decided that public food service was no longer a fit for my much more serene, healthy lifestyle.  I went on to personal and private chefing, healthy cooking classes, and I have had booths at several health & wellness events – sharing as much as I could with anyone who wanted to listen.

Since my own transformation in 2010, I have been graced with several opportunities to study and collaborate with various Holistic and Functional Medicine doctors.  The wisdom garnered from working with these progressive practitioners transformed my entire perspective on what it means to be a Chef and ignited my fiery zeal for Functional Medicine as it pertains to diet. To this day, Holistic and Functional Medicine doctors are among my favorite individuals to “talk shop” with as they have the capacity to appreciate the fullness of all that goes into my cooking.

The last 5 years of my life have been dedicated to truly understanding culinary medicine. My ongoing focuses include food therapy, nutrition, Functional Medicine, healthy recipe development, food psychology, and agribusiness research. My application and first-hand experience of these principles coupled with a lifetime of culinary development has poised me on the cutting edge of culinary medicine.  Thus, my creation of the Functional Medicine Chef LLC, which is currently open for business.


I am a certified Living on Live Foods Chef, a specialist in allergen-friendly cooking, the forerunner in grain free sprouted baking, and a low-inflammatory Chef extraordinaire! My passion for the purest ingredients possible combined with my love of delicious food, nutrition, and enlightened medicine give me a very unique ability to make some of the healthiest, yummiest food ever! This is my gift to the world.