Angela is AMAZING! She is VERY passionate about quality, GMO free, gluten free, organic food. She cooked breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks for me and every time I was blown away. Her raw deserts deserve a separate testimonial! I will truly miss her. Please contact her at or call 206.713.4942. The best of luck Angela... Your gluten free lasagna last night was AMAZING!!!!!!

Dan Hellman


Hellman Holistic Health

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

After the years of Angie providing meals to my parents and to my kids it is clear that she makes it her mission to heal and care for the body and spirit through food. She takes health seriously and will ride through the journey with her clients to better health. Angie listens to her clients and is very accommodating. Whether cancer or tummy troubles, she has developed meals special for their diet, palate, and cravings. Not only are her meals delicious and nourishing, her treats are pure and are themselves healing. She brings joy to the cooking, and I have enjoyed cooking alongside her and being served by her. And then there are her pancakes, oh yes, she will make the most skeptical, gluten-eater a quinoa-believer with her sprouted quinoa pancakes.

Bridget A.

Southlake, TX

Angie was not only a great chef, she was a joy to see each week.  There is something very kind and special about her. She had a challenge cooking for us. When she started I was on a very limited diet after having a stem cell transplant and my husband is a vegan.  Angie was able to blend our 2 needs into a successful menu.  She was meticulous with how my food needed to be washed and I always felt confident that only the healthiest products were used. She also worked with us to cook food we liked and was willing to use some of my favorite recipes and adapt them to be more healthy.  Some of our favorite meals were her enchiladas both vegan and not, hummus wraps, vegetarian chili, flourless chocolate cake, salmon with a fruit chutney and her blueberry pancakes.I highly recommend Angie. We miss her. Seattle is very lucky to have her.

Judy W.

Austin, Texas

When my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer, Angela moved in with us to help take care of my wife.  We were already juicing and eating gluten free. Angela simply picked up right where we were and continued cooking meals that were to my wife’s needs. She was even able to prepare some of our family’s favorite Cajun dishes. Angela saw to all of my wife’s needs like taking her to her appointments and grocery shopping, thereby allowing me to go to work on a normal schedule which was traveling for 3-4 days at a time every week. She later expanded her cooking skills to include preparing meals for people with special dietary needs. Angela is a professional when it comes to preparing dishes with the most nutritious and healthy ingredients. We loved her so much, that we consider her part of our family.

Doug Bernard

Austin, Texas

Like most professionals, Chef Angela is always striving to perfect her craft but what makes her unique is Angela's remarkable ability to unify traditional time honored dishes with recent advances in nutritional science. For example, I love classic Italian food and now that I can no longer tolerate gluten/wheat I have been missing one of my favorite dishes spaghetti and meatballs! Chef Angie has recreated the perfect recipe for the most fluffy mouthwatering meatball that any Italian grandmother would be honored to pass down! Oh, and please, do not get me started on her pancakes! Simply the best! Chef Angie puts her heart and soul into every dish, and if you're lucky, even her spoon! She is always welcome in my home!

Jonathan Paul

Seattle, WA

Angie’s pancakes are the BEST! I have not converted 100% to gluten free, especially in baking ingredients. Let Angie do most of the work and buy the batter already mixed! No mistakes in measuring and I don't have to buy all of those different flours that I will only use once or twice. I add my own fruit when cooking. They are SO fluffy and delicious! I cook the entire bag and freeze the extra cakes individually so I can have a quick pancake on the run when I'm late!

Debbie Marsh

Retired Teacher

Naples, FL